2 Years of Putting the Q in BBQ

Last month we celebrated the two-year anniversary of our company, Jim Quessenberry BBQ.  For me that was the beginning of my journey with Jim, although fans know Jim Quessenberry’s BBQ sauce has been around for over 30 years.  My adventures with Jim have seen a lot of ups and downs the last two years, but I can easily say the good times have far outweighed any bad times.  The stories told by Jim’s sons, Michael and Lee, and Jim’s many acquaintances have provided me with enough pieces for me to create an image in my mind of the man and the legend.  I am also pretty confident the apples didn’t fall too far from the tree.  A few weeks ago I was going through my camera looking at the pictures stored in it.  I picked some pictures which best capture the last 2 years to share with you as we celebrate our anniversary and look forward to many years ahead.

~Jeff Marchetta



9/11/2014   SAIICE BFATIIITIIL.  Enough Said. Check out that Shrink wrap!


2/2/2015   “You just got to get it in their mouth…..” @ Charlies Meat Market


4/5/2015 Duct Tape, Card Table, Sauce, and Lee at Hays on Gee St.


10/17/2015   Making sauce becomes a family affair…. like everyone.  Love these kids!


11/16/2015  The One and Only BC 4000

Demo Wset Memphis

6/2/2016  Hello West Memphis!

Clown Car Walnut Ridge

8/5/2016  The Clown Car Rolling through Walnut Ridge


8/16/2016  I kind of see the similarity

It goes where we go

9/21/2016  I do talk to it occassionally

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