More Sauce for Your Buck

Oh Girl You So Saucy! 2 Oz. More to be Exact!

Yep, you read that right. Our latest and greatest bottles now include more of our delicious saucy goodness! Purchase any new bottle of Jim Quessenberry’s Sauce Beautiful & Hot Sauce Beautiful and receive an additional 1.5 ounces! It gets better, with Jim Quessenberry’s White Sauce Beautiful, you can to have an extra 2 ounces! Add some of these saucy products to your dinner tonight.

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A Legend is Born

In the 1980’s championship BBQ competitions were a fledgling sport with many amazing and talented competitors fighting for bragging rights. It was a young sport with wild ambitions and huge ideas to unfold over the next 35+ years. Jim and his crew of farmers, lawyers, doctors, cousins, friends, and outlaws began to get known for their crazy antics and amazing food. After a few years they were invited to compete among other world renown chefs from all over the world in the first ever International Cooking Competition held in Lisdoonvarna, Ireland. Jim along with his sister Becky went to Ireland and took home the inaugural trophy signifying the first well known world championship in competition barbecue cooking.

Jim Quessenberry was born on this date (May 3) in 1948 as the second child of three during the baby-boomer era to James and Anne Quessenberry of Birdeye, AR. He grew up between two loving sisters, Becky and Beth, with his work cut out for him and a mischievous grin on his face nearly all the time. He was very much into football and making music with his friends and always sought out life to the fullest. One of Jim’s earliest voyages into cooking food professionally was his stint as the general manager of the famous Britling’s Cafeteria in Memphis, TN. He spent some time in Memphis getting to know new people and began participating in cooking exhibitions and competitions regionally and locally. Jim was one of the pioneers during the infancy of Memphis in May as a competitor with a handful of other aspiring legends under one tent in the Orpheum Theatre parking lot. Since then Memphis in May has grown to become the “Super Bowl” of competition BBQ festivals and has made the careers of Chris Lily, Myron Mixon, and other legendary pitmasters that are seen on TV today.


After winning a second International Cup in 1987, Jim and his crew had amassed several grand championships, 1st-runner-ups, and auxiliary championship wins from Cleveland to Dallas, Memphis to Ireland, and Kansas City to Nashville. Then the boys (my brother and I) started growing up. Once we were able to light a fire and cook a rack of ribs, Dad turned his attention towards family competitions and began to teach us all of his trade skills. He wasn’t in it for the fame, but for the bragging rights and to make people happy. Memphis in May had been a staple of our summer vacation for 16 years when my Dad finally gave it up to focus on the roots of championship BBQ and his family. He began to tout us as the youngest team on the circuit until we were met by a team in Nashville that undercut our ages by a year respectively at 6 and 4 years old. We even placed 5th in ribs while competing in Nashville, TN although we may have actually just used some of Dad’s ribs on our own Weber kettle to take the win. Honestly at the time, Michael and I were more worried with visiting the theme park at Opryland rather than cooking at the competition, but nevertheless, we started young participating in competitions and learning a trade that would become a passion for us.

So that’s pretty much it in a nutshell and now we’ve been using Dad’s secret recipes as the basis of our products and we are able to share our passion with the world thanks to the skills we learned from Dad. Happy Birthday Daddio!

Sauce and Rub Beautiful Now in Kroger Stores

Well folks, it’s been a long time in the making and a dream come true. Thanks to the efforts of the Bluff City BBQ Supply team and cooperation with Kroger Grocery Stores, we’re finally stocked in local Kroger stores throughout Northern Mississippi and Western Tennessee. As a new startup in the BBQ sauces and spices business, we were up against several obstacles and a lot of red tape to get everything just right, but we’ve done it, and we’re in it for the long haul. With cooperation from John Auker of Delta Cuisine, we were able to leverage a vast breadth of knowledge from all perspectives of mass production and distributions of products within a larger organization like Kroger. The four of us rolled up our sleeves and went to work making the largest batches of Sauce Beautiful, Hot Sauce Beautiful, White Sauce Beautiful, Rub Beautiful, and Hickory Rub Beautiful that we’ve ever made in the entirety of our own company, but also even larger than any batch ever made by Jim Quessenberry and the Arkansas Trav’ler BBQ Specialties crew. It was a humbling feeling to know that every batch from now on will be larger, and with much more demand than each previous batch. Barbecue is truly a gift that my father left in his legacy, and I know that he’d be proud to see the outcome of his hobby turned professional.


As for Kroger and the details, we are currently proud to announce that we’ve doubled the number of stores available to our customers for local shopping by landing this deal to be featured as a local manufacturer and distributor in the Kroger family. We began the journey several months ago and have worked on every single part of the puzzle until the final picture is complete. There were tests we had to take, paperwork that had to be completed, and figures to calculate, but in the end it has all been worth it.


Keep in mind that all Bluff City BBQ Supply products are handmade with love and attention to detail by families and friends that live in your area. We’re covering Northeast Arkansas with the Quessenberry brothers who make the trip to West Memphis to meet up with The Grumbles family and the Marchetta family from Southhaven, MS and Memphis, TN respectively. Our products are made in the mid-south with you in mind. We’re Tigers, Red Wolves, Grizzlies, Rebels, Volunteers, Razorbacks, and Redbirds like many of you. We love sports, outdoors, grilling, smoking, hunting, fishing, and football. We’re here. We’re local.


My brother Michael and I are truly rich in the sense that we have great partners, a skilled and determined labor force, a dedicated sales manager, a precise and accurate financial officer, a gifted multimedia marketing director, and more importantly, life long friends who are in this for the long haul. Thank you Pete, Jeff, Claire, Lynn, Patrick, Wesley, Matt, and our customers for being our friends and extended family. Thank you Kroger for taking a shot at making us successful in your stores. We will truly shine and will keep your shelves hot from all the friction of jars sliding forward and into your customers’ carts.


Be sure to visit your neighborhood Kroger and pick up a bottle of our sauce when the time comes for you to enjoy food with your family.




Lee Quessenberry

Partner – Bluff City BBQ Supply

Kroger 405 – 5995 STAGE ROAD BARTLETT, TN
Kroger 433 – 11630 HWY 51 SOUTH ATOKA, TN
Kroger 456 – 7615 HIGHWAY 70 BARTLETT, TN
Kroger 462 – 7265 HWY 64 OAKLAND, TN
Kroger 463 – 11635 HWY 70 ARLINGTON, TN
Kroger 339 – 6660 POPLAR AVE MEMPHIS, TN
Kroger 457 – 1230 N. HOUSTON LEVEE RD. CORDOVA, TN
Kroger 440 – 9025 HIGHWAY 64 LAKELAND, TN
Kroger 464 – 3095 GOODMAN RD E. SOUTHAVEN, MS
Kroger 488 – 3444 PLAZA MEMPHIS, TN
Kroger 419 – 7735 FARMINGTON MEMPHIS, TN

Jim Quessenberry’s Sauce Beautiful Storms Taste Buds in Three New Locations

If you are in Blytheville, West Helena, or North Little Rock, you can now purchase our products locally. If you live in or around West Helena, we have added our product to the Hays Store in that area. Yay!

If you live in or around the Blytheville area, we also have it at the Hays Store on Moultrie in that area.

In North Little Rock, our buddies at Cregeen’s Irish Pub have started selling Sauce Beautiful from their shelves. So, to my Little Rock friends, Go grab a pint of your favorite beer, and take home a pint of BBQ sauce.

Sauce and Rub Beautiful is Available in New Stores in Arkansas

We’re Taking over Northeast Arkansas

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added three more stores to our growing list of vendors around the mid-south. Our fine sauces and rubs are now available in Walnut Ridge and in Paragould in Hays Grocery Stores.

Hickory Rub at Kountry Kupboard

We have also added our new line of Hickory Steak Seasoning to the Kountry Kupboard in Jonesboro, AR. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Hays and Kountry Kupboard for continuing to feature our products.

Looking for Awesome Products in Your Store?

Are you a small shop or medium sized grocer looking for a unique product to sell in your stores? Feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll talk wholesale options with you to feature quite arguably the best BBQ rubs and seasonings in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Bringing Saucy Back: We’re Open For Business in Wynne, AR

We’re Bringing It Home

Bluff City BBQ Supply is proud to announce that our Beautiful line of sauces and rub are now available to the people in the City With A Smile!

Our Past is Our Future

We’re bringing Sauce Beautiful back to its roots in Cross County, AR. Jim Quessenberry was a native of Birdeye, AR and a graduate of Wynne High School in 1966. When Jim began making Sauce Beautiful one of the first stores to carry it was Hays Food Town in Wynne, AR. To celebrate our expansion into Hays and their family of stores, our largest batch of sauce has been delivered to both Hays locations in Wynne and is available for purchase immediately. We are excited to bring back one of the most demanded products in the history of our company to its humble beginnings. We’re looking at our past to develop our future.

Enjoy and Share

As young men growing up in the area, Michael and I spent a lot of time at Hays shopping for groceries with Mom and bringing wonderful produce and meat home for our many homecooked meals. The nostalgia of this purchase is overwhelmingly exciting for us, and we’re glad that the people who still remember us being in stores there have kept the demand alive. We encourage you to visit “Big” and “Little” Hays today and pick up a bottle or ten of our sauces and rub. The outdoor season is just around the corner and we look forward to your recipes being shared all over Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere else you might wanna share. Thanks so much to the King family and Hays for making this a reality.


Lee and Michael Quessenberry
Bluff City BBQ Supply


115 South Falls Blvd.
Wynne, AR
(870) 238-2541


1860 N. Falls Blvd.
Wynne, AR
(870) 238-8392