Michael Quessenberry

Michael Quessenberry has become known by friends and family as the guy you want to bring the flavor to an event or fundraiser. He has been mixing his Dad’s recipes for sauces and rubs since he was able to stand on a stool and stir a pot in the kitchen.

Michael works by day as a developer and software troubleshooter and is a proponent of the in-sourcing software as a service model. His values of keeping jobs in the United States hold true to his beliefs of providing food and services locally, with exceptional quality and value. Growing up, these values were part of the day to day lessons he and his older brother Lee were taught while learning to master the craft of cooking great BBQ and bringing people together.

Lee Quessenberry

Lee Quessenberry, the oldest of the two “Brothers Q,” is Michael’s biggest supporter and number 1 fan. Growing up, he and Michael were both the hands and feet of their father Jim, and were often picking up and learning new skills that they had no idea would become useful later in life. As the older brother Lee took on the responsibility of forging a strong bond with Michael after the untimely passing of their father in February 2000. Lee and his mother Donna were the marketing team behind the first incarnation of Jim’s product lines in the early to mid 1990’s and set the precedence and familiarity of the brand.

Lee is a full time web developer and digital marketing strategist for the oldest and largest lumber and home remodeling company in the region, and continually sharpens his skills as a digital designer and marketing strategist. These skills were nurtured and cultivated from a very young age with his first marketing and collateral designs being used to sell the very same BBQ sauces and spices he and Michael are selling today.

Jeffrey Marchetta

Jeff “The Rocket Doctor” Marchetta is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Memphis and has become somewhat of a BBQ aficionado over the past few years. He and his son Patrick manage logistics and staffing for our major demonstration events, manufacturing quotas, and personnel. Jeff is an esteemed colleague to many people in the space exploration sector and has worked on many teams that send things into space. He is a consultant to many companies aiding them with energy management and consumption. Not everyone gets to have a bonafide rocket scientist on their team, but other than the geekiness cool factor of having someone on your team that puts things in outer space, Jeff has become a wonderful asset to the company and personal friend of Lee and Michael Quessenberry. His passion for creating new and wonderful products is never outmatched or eclipsed and he has gone from playing a silent investor role to a full fledged controlling member in the interest of having fun and making the finest BBQ products available to all of our friends and family.