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Customer Testimonials

Sauce Beautiful and White Sauce Beautiful both scored 8/10 (Approaching Greatness) on The Meatwave BBQ sauce reviews blog.
Joshua Bousel / The Meatwave BBQ Sauce Review
Peter Grumbles
bootsiesbbq @lquessenberry like the new "Gold".
Peter Grumbles / Lead Manager, Bootsie's Delta Funk BBQ
Their Hickory Rub is the stuff of legend!
Robert Meyer Burnett / CEO & Founder at Ludovico Technique, LLC

Our Team

Michael Quessenberry
Clowncar Driver

Saucier, Head Chef, Product Developer, Pitmaster

Lee Quessenberry
Clowncar Shotgun

Marketer, Product Designer, Pitmaster

Jeff Marchetta
Clowncar Quartermaster

Operations, Ecommerce Fulfillment, Rocket Scientist
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A Legacy of Laughs

Jim Quessenberry was more than just our Dad. He was a larger than life character that was willing to do whatever it took to make people laugh. His quick anecdotes and lame puns always put a smile on someone’s face. He had a sense of humor that some were envious of, but all in all he was in it for laughs.

A Legend is Born

In the 1980’s championship BBQ competitions were a fledgling sport with many amazing and talented competitors fighting for bragging rights. It was a young sport with wild ambitions and huge ideas to unfold over the next 35+ years. Jim and his crew of farmers, lawyers, doctors, cousins, friends, and outlaws began to get known for their crazy antics and amazing food. After a few years they were invited to compete among other world renown chefs from all over the world in the first ever International Cooking Competition held in Lisdoonvarna, Ireland. Jim along with his sister Becky went to Ireland and took home the inaugural trophy signifying the first well known world championship in competition barbecue cooking.

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Our Promise To You

Our philosophy for Jim Quessenberry’s website is to celebrate that laughter and joy with you. We have a lot of fun making our products for you and trust me, there are a LOT of laughs when we manufacture these products. We love to make people smile and have a good time and that’s our passion for what we do. Thanks for spending your time with us and we hope you find something that puts a smile on the faces of your friends and family as well.

We sincerely thank you,

Lee and Michael Quessenberry

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